Wednesday, October 17, 2012

He's baaaaaack

No doubt about it, my President showed up for last night's second Presidential debate. I'm not sure who was standing in for him a couple weeks ago.

Watching it as part of a group was a lot of fun. I thought I'd miss having Facebook and Twitter in the palm of my hand, and I'll admit I did a teensy bit. But I didn't want to spend the evening with my head in a gadget. My screen time was spent watching the debate on television like everyone else, with occasional peeks at the phone. The internet connection wasn't great, and it was more frustrating than not to try to keep up. So I didn't.

Surely was a late night, though, much later than what I'm used to. My schedule is more like that of an infant or toddler – or an Amish. I'm up with the sun and the lights are out early. Like a toddler, I napped yesterday afternoon (instead of mowing). That was a helpful strategy for a long day.

Compared to the last campaign season, enthusiasm this year is way, way down. It's been disappointing to not have many members show up for Democratic women's club meetings. Four years ago our meetings were standing-room-only. This year we're lucky to have a quorum. People aren't exactly queuing up to volunteer to make phone calls. No one is knocking on doors except for local candidates.

But I think (hope?) last night's debate will change some minds and generate some excitement with three weeks to go before Election Day. There are campaign buttons to make and a headquarters office to staff and phone calls to make. We women do more than make cookies for events. We care, we work and WE VOTE.

Our next women's meeting is tomorrow night.

I'll let you know how it goes.


Susanna King said...

I love the idea of a Democratic Women's Club. In my town, though, it would probably be just me & my next-door neighbor. :)

Debbi said...

Susanna, congratulations on living next door to someone like-minded. The GOP signs outnumber the DEM signs on our road and in our county by a significant margin!

I believe every state has a Federation of Democratic Women, which is the umbrella organization for county chapters. Here's the link to all the state organizations, which includes contact numbers for each national region. I've had a wonderful time being involved in our local group. Hope you find one near you.

Diandra said...

I wish you loads of success!

Winnie said...

I was thinking of you as my hubby was screaming at the tv when Romney would speak. He finally got up and left to go upstairs... I then could hear the entire thing. More popcorn for me too! I think he will sit out the next one, as he don't have the patience to hear anything he has to say.