Sunday, October 28, 2012

How about a favor?

It just occurred to me that when I asked for suggestions for party favors, and offered a goodie bag to a random winner, I didn't put an end date on my request.

So let's make it Monday evening at 6 p.m. If you can think of any DIY ideas for election-night party favors that will fit in a lunch-sized bag, please let me know in a comment. Winnie came up with some great ideas, thanks so much! I picked up some supplies yesterday, but there's still quite a bit of room in the bag.

Each commenter between yesterday and Monday at 6 will be entered into a random number generator and the winner will get a goodie bag.

Get your election thinking caps on, gang. Ready? Set? GO!


  1. O-shaped cookies? Printable score-keeping maps with electoral college numbers and a red and blue crayon/marker? House/Senate election scorecards? Bullshit Bingo cards for pundit speeches? Blue Mardi Gras beads? Noisemakers for when a state is called for Obama?

  2. How about a "book" of inspirational quotes from the President or other prominent democrats - maybe printed on index cards, hole-punched in the corner with a ribbon run through it (a red, white and blue ribbon, of course) to hold the cards together.

    Not sure exactly what the quotes should be - could be pieces of advice or other info also...

  3. Also, what about some confetti wrapped in a little net bundle - like they do with rice at weddings. It would be fun if you could have a donkey shaped puncher and do them out of blue paper, but that might be asking quite a lot from the middle of nowhere in the middle of the Frankenstorm! I assume you really need ideas you can execute with what you have on hand at this point.

  4. I see that you already have electoral college maps. I was looking for one -- where did you find yours?


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