Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oh, what a night


I started out yesterday in the garden. Remember the garden? Yes, it's still out there, and yes, it still needs attention. Hurricane/Tropical Storm Sandy might prevent me from doing the final stuff I should have been doing all month.

(Elections are hard work. If I starve next year because my garden isn't producing I'll blame it on President Obama. NOT!)

Anyway, with the predicted Frankenstorm predicted to dump several inches of snow here tomorrow, I thought it best to get some garlic in the ground. I planted 30 cloves, 20 hardneck and 10 softneck. That's less than last year, but should be enough. I might not have any to share, though.

I came in from that chore, got all spiffed up and headed for the state capitol and my first Jefferson-Jackson dinner. Which was SO MUCH FUN.

L to R, standing: Congressman Nick Rahall, Governor Earl Tomblin, State
Democratic Party Chairman Larry Puccio. Seated, L to R: Senator Jay
Rockefeller, me, Senator Joe Manchin.

Here's the thing about living in a small state. We only have three Congressional districts. Mine is the only district held by a Democrat. Congressman Nick Joe Rahall is very visible when he's in the state. If you're politically active, you're going to run into him several times during a campaign and yes, I know it's his job, but he remembers you and calls you by name and thanks you for being active.

Last night was a Big Deal. Each of the chosen Outstanding Democrats (one from each county) was introduced and walked across the stage, waving to the crowd of 700(!) people. The line-up prior to the introductions was lots of fun. I met some great people, including a woman I "know" from Facebook and Instagram.

My involvement with the West Virginia Federation of Democratic Women has opened many doors and allowed me to meet many influential people. It's interesting and fun and pretty heady stuff for a girl who began the day planting garlic and ended it surrounded by movers and shakers.

My husband and I left the convention hall with the keynote speaker, former House Majority Leader Dick Gephardt, who asked for directions to the Marriott. And we walked to the parking garage with Congressman Rahall, who got in his car (which looked a lot like my Ford Escape, but I couldn't be sure) and drove himself home.

Just like I did. Point being, these folks are regular folks (and most of them would be the first to say so) who have had some advantages most regular folks haven't. Yes, they're ambitious and yes, they enjoy power. But I've talked to every one of those pictured above, at length, and for the most part I believe they're doing a good job for me.

I hope you feel the same way about your elected officials. If you don't – work for someone who does.

I'm not going to blame President Obama for anything. I sure do give him credit for introducing me to an entirely new way of life and service, though.


Waffle-Wednesday said...

What a fun evening! It's true, it's their job to remember names, but isn't it fun when yours is the name they remember? I'm very happy for you!

Barbra said...

WOW!!! Nice evening and nice photo. You are an inspiration to me!

AlisonH said...

Way cool!!!

Okay, I gotta tell you a story on my grandfather, the late Senator Wallace Bennett. He was campaigning for reelection in some southern Utah town when he was confronted by a man who demanded, I bet you don't remember my name!

Grampa, without missing a beat, turned to his aide and said, Tom, this man doesn't remember his name. Tell him what it is.

Winnie said...

What a lovely keepsake picture! Stay safe. We put as much away from outside as possible etc. Subways and trains are already shutting down tonight. No work for me. Just hoping we keep power. I wish you the best.

Kathy said...

What a fun night for you chock full of priceless memories. It is pretty amazing how like everybody else famous folks are.