Sunday, November 25, 2012

A day off for the news folks

What the heck are the news people going to talk about today? Grey Thursday and Black Friday are over (unless you count the large number of retailers who are extending their "Black Friday deals" to the end of the year). Small Business Saturday is in the books, as well. Cyber Monday is tomorrow; I suppose the talking heads could breathlessly predict massive failures of the internets because of the sheer volume of online shoppers.

It. Makes. Me. Tired.

Not as tired as actually going out and braving the crowds, of course. Since I got home on Thanksgiving afternoon, I've stayed tucked in my nice warm house with my knitting and, um, football snacks. So I'm not tired at all.

My knitting is progressing nicely. Instead of a pair of clogs, I decided to start this.

Naturally I'm using some wool I already had in the yarn closet, an unlabeled blue-and-white tweed  which, doubled, is working out nicely.

Five years ago I might have gone out searching for the neutral tweed illustrated in the video. My favorite colors then were black, grey and taupe. And, honestly, I can't say that blue is my favorite color. But if you're going to be an active Democrat, you really need some blue stuff in your wardrobe.

Before the 2008 campaign my go-to winter cover-up was a green fleece half-zip pullover. Now it's a blue fleece zippered cardigan. Of the last four knitting projects I've started, three have been blue. The pink-and-grey slippers won't be for public display, thus they could be, um, not-blue. I've recently added to my wardrobe:

  • a blue-and-black top
  • a blue-and-white skirt and
  • a blue twinset

I'm ready, ready, ready to … rock the blue.

I started the current hat when WVU kicked off Friday afternoon at 3:30. After two days of nearly non-stop football, I have just 23 rounds to go, 10 of which are decreasing to shape the top, and then I'll be searching for the next project.

The felted bag I made for the WVFDW auction last summer was a big hit, and I'm thinking of going in that direction. I might also whip up a pair of mittens to match the Cabled Helmet. None of these projects has a deadline or is targeted for anyone in particular. I'm just knitting because I like to knit.

And I eat far fewer football snacks when my hands are busy.

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