Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Back to being crafty

While I really don't ever stop thinking about politics, it's nice to put it on hold for, oh, an hour or two. I worked on a knitting project (due Saturday, and yes, I'm going to make it!) yesterday afternoon while watching Love Actually. Hugh Grant and Colin Firth in a Christmas-themed film – what's not to love?

I also smeared some Mod Podge on a couple of gift boxes a couple times yesterday. I took photos of one box. The other is covered in black scrapbooking paper and y'all know how well black photographs. Um, not.

My co-volunteer at the prison is a true music lover. She takes violin lessons (she and I are about the same age), her license plate says B8OVEN and her dog's name is Anna (which was Ludwig's wife's name). Various nooks and crannies in her home are tricked out with busts of Beethoven. So, yeah, she likes music. 

Remember those flat glass disks I picked up last week at Michael's? Here's one set of finished magnets, with a matching gift box, for her.

We haven't exchanged Christmas gifts before, but she's going through a very rough time right now and I just feel like giving her something. It hardly cost anything at all, but it's something I know she'll like and appreciate and use. 

Too bad everyone I know doesn't have such an easy-to-personalize hobby!

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