Sunday, December 2, 2012

I'm calling them done

As I began to assemble the journals I'm making for my granddaughter, I realized I screwed up the first signature again.

Carp, carp, carp.

The first two pages needed to be blank. The first one gets glued to the inside front cover and the second one gets glued to the end paper, which extends from the inside front cover and across the first leaf of the book.

The inside front cover should look just like this, the inside back cover. 

Instead, it looks like this:

I cut the end paper in half and glued it to the inside front cover.
Leaving the join rather messy and untidy and not very neat. 

But seriously? She's five. She's going to love them. And they're done. And next time (and there will be a next time, since my husband's grandchildren are younger and it's a pretty cool gift for beginning writers), I'm going to make a miniature dummy to work from so I know exactly how to print the signatures. In fact, I should probably make the dummy RIGHT NOW and tuck it in the box with the rest of the bookmaking supplies.

The journal-making instructions I used were for a blank book. I never even looked for bookmaking projects using printed pages. But back in the olden days, when I worked for a magazine, we would cut a piece of printer paper into eighths and fold each piece in half and make tiny little books, writing on each one what story or ad was supposed to go there. Dummies for dummies. But hey, they worked.

Ah, well, I'm being too perfectionistic about this. Because they really are pretty darned cute. Pink for spring, blue for winter, yellow for summer and orange for autumn. See?

And now that they're done, I have more time to knit.

First one done. The second one (green) is nearly done. I will also be
making a purple one. Pattern is here, and I am using Elann's Esprit,
which is a cotton/elastic blend – perfect for headbands. 


Anne M. said...

Very cool! You're right - she'll love them.

Chevelle said...

Wow! That really is a labour of love! It's definitely a keepsake. What a lovely gift!

denise said...

Love them! They turned out great. Truly a great idea.

denise said...

Oh, and the headband is adorable!

Winnie said...

Soooo cool! Love the personalization you did on these too! Thanks for the link. I am loving the headband as well. Just precious. Today I am going to some crafting, this work week has been a nightmare and the next 20 days appear to be the same. Ugh. Enjoy the remained of the weekend!