Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Proof that I CAN put one foot in front of the other

I bet from that title you think I'm going to write about walking. Well, I'm not. I hope to walk outdoors today. It's supposed to be sunny but c-c-cold this afternoon and a friend and I are going to bundle up and and make the effort.

Yesterday morning I cleaned off a tall, heavy, wooden bookshelf that was stored in the garage and carried it from there to the house, installing it in our tiny little TV room. It's kind of overwhelming in there, and it might go back to the garage. However, as I was reaching and stretching to get a pile of notebooks off the tippy top, I strained my neck.

Not a big deal. I've done stuff like that before. But by the time I got the thing moved, I decided to rest, postponing the planned elliptical workout from noon until "later."

Now later could be an hour or two or even a day hence. But here's how I know my plan is working. I didn't want to break the week-long streak. I wanted to keep my commitment to myself more than I wanted to give in to a neck strain.

At 3:05 I was done with the elliptical and moving on to some very gentle yoga poses. I've no illusions about yoga being "exercise" at this point. But I'm making the effort, in the hope that I'll begin feeling the benefits and eventually want to make it a longer and – maybe – more frequent practice.

Today is a short dumbbell workout, along with the walking. Again, not really exercise, in that I don't sweat or grunt or hurt. I just want to get used to lifting something heavier than my morning coffee. All-or-nothing is my usual modus operandi, but that obviously hasn't worked in the past, or I wouldn't be here in the present, beginning anew. WOULD I?

I also think I'll try cutting the lower ribbing off one of my sweatshirts, as Jen suggested. I don't need the side vents, just a straight hem (which should tame the curling, which is what Denise experienced when she chopped the ribbing off one of hers). That experiment would make this day very productive indeed.

Image from
Finally, I shared this graphic on Facebook this morning, and then snagged the image to post here. (I think if you click it it will get big enough to actually read. Or you can go to my Facebook page, link is in the right sidebar of the blog.) Apologies if you're seeing it twice. No, wait, I take that apology back – if I saw this every day it still wouldn't be enough. I'm going to print it and put it on the inside of the medicine chest.

Much of this "headwork" is stuff I've done before. I even live by some of it (thank you, Alcoholics Anonymous!), especially the second and fifth ones. I still think too much and I could certainly get out of my own way and be more compassionate and empathetic when I see others suffering. None of us is perfect and there's always room for improvement. I see these "rules" more as principles or guidelines or even suggestions which would add some peace and serenity to my sometimes over-emotional life.

It's worth a shot, anyway.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for helping me be accountable. If I hadn't announced my plan here, I might have rested all day yesterday. My neck is fine this morning. Whether you would judge me or not, I appreciate that you're out there, reading this, helping me add another day of success to this new year.


gingerzingi said...

Wow, you really are determined! Good for you. I fully endorse your plan to start up slowly. I've been lecturing my husband about how he suddenly goes balls-to-the-wall after a long period of being sedentary, and WITHOUT FAIL injures himself and is on the sidelines for another 2 or 3 weeks. And, I am counting your yoga and weights as exercise :)

Diandra said...

You know, exercise should not hurt. It should be tough (sometimes) and make you sweat, but if it hurts, you are doing it wrong.

(I know many "experts" tell it differently, but I cannot imagine that anything hurting can be good for the body - well, except for dentist appointments, of course.)