Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The two hardest things

Lest you think I'm perfect, with two weeks of walking and eating well and working out under my belt, I'm here this morning to talk about two of the other goals from my year-end list. One has been met (so far), while one remains woefully unmet.

Drinking water has not been one of my healthy new lifestyle successes. My husband pointed out (rightly or wrongly) that simply drinking lots of water isn't going to create weight loss. I pointed out that, ahem, WEIGHT LOSS IS NOT THE GOAL. Hydrating one's system has a multitude of benefits, including improving skin texture, reducing fluid retention and supporting digestive health.

When I'm thirsty, I drink water. But I'm not often thirsty, and I don't know what's up with that. My regular fluid consumption is water, but it's been heated and passed through some delicious freshly ground hazelnut coffee beans. I average two to three large mugs of coffee every morning. (On Treat Day Mondays I add sugar-free, chemical-laden liquid creamer to it.)

HOWEVER, according to this source, my morning beverage does count toward the daily fluid goal. Good to know, especially for someone like me who has a line item in the budget for coffee beans.

The other habit I wanted to break – and so far, so good – is weighing myself. I've written previously that the number I see on the scale can make or break me emotionally for that hour day. I weighed myself on Christmas Day (which is why I began my plan THE VERY NEXT DAY) and promised myself that a once-monthly check-in would be sufficient.

I CAN'T WAIT FOR JANUARY 25! (But it's not about weight loss, it's not about weight loss, it's not about weight loss.)

I'm so tempted, y'all. If I were single I'd put the scale away, but my husband uses it hourly daily, and I really do need to have a modicum of self-discipline about this issue. I'm probably losing some weight, in that my wedding ring is once again slipping around on my finger (I love when it does that). It's too soon to try on jeans, and WHY WOULD I when I have perfectly good yoga pants that are much more comfortable to wear? Heh.

Also, if they don't fit it would set me back just like seeing the wrong number on the scale. So we just won't go there. Good physical health is half of the goal.

Good mental health is the rest.


wendy said...

drinking liquids (I cheat with 10 calories of artificial flavor per 64oz of water) is not an issue when I'm on a normal schedule, but give me more free time than usual and apparently liquid consumption falls down on my priority list despite the same level of physical activity. It was odd to realize that it was apparently mild dehydration that was giving me nagging headaches and general blech feelings. After two or three days back on the 80-100 oz of water my body is accustomed to I felt closer to normal again - at least physically. Good mental health takes more work, apparently. :)

Noel said...

Boy am I ever glad to hear that coffee and tea water count in the daily fluid intakes! We also have a line item in the budget for tea/coffee. This house runs on those beverages and beware the day we're out of both simultaneously!

found you from NaBloPoMo, will be back!

Susanna King said...

Good reminder that I need to drink more water! I used to follow someone on Twitter who would tweet "hydration reminders" throughout the day. :)

denise said...

Am trying to amp up my water/fluid intake as well, as it fell by the wayside before and during the holiday period. Now it's back to training my bladder to hold more/longer. Otherwise, it's just too disruptive to drink so much and then be worrying about getting to a bathroom! It seems the "bladder muscle" - like most of my muscles - is not as receptive to training as I get older.

Fortunately, I already know and am quite familiar with the rest room facilities in all of the local grocery stores (before I turned 50 I didn't even know they had them, now I make a point of noting them when I go in a new place).

Great job on your goals so far. Keep on keepin' on, as they used to say back in the ... what? ... 60's or 70's I guess!

Kathy said...

I need to drink more water, and I find I simply can't keep away from the scale. Wish I could!