Thursday, February 21, 2013


Well, I thought the new, ahem, "appliance" was going to come today, but it arrived yesterday instead. I kept my walking date, but we only went three miles so I would still have time to make it to the dentist's office before they closed for the day.

The new denture fits well without adhesive and looks great. The photo shows all three attempts at making me look less like a toothless old redneck. The top one is the original, which looked all right when I smiled but looked very fake and unnatural when my mouth was at rest.

The center image is the original piece after it had been relined. Too much gum and it fit horribly. I couldn't wear it for more than a couple hours without getting a massive headache.

The lower photo is the brand-new one that just came. I had to use lots of adhesive with the previous pieces, but this one fits well without it and I expect, as I get used to it, will continue to lock into place, just as the doctor has promised it would all along.

I guess you have to start with a good fit first, though. I still have a bit of a gagging/choking feeling, but nothing like I did to begin with. He gave me some spray anesthetic (cherry-flavored!) to help that issue.

I'm not sure why the first one wasn't right, but there's no denying it wasn't. And now, a full EIGHT MONTHS and $1200-plus later, I can get on with my life without focusing every damned day on my teeth. (He didn't charge a dime for the second denture. I was astonished, but I guess sometimes it takes a couple attempts to get it right and they build that into the original cost.)

And guess what? SO CAN YOU! Heh.


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denise said...

So glad they came on time (or better yet, early) and that they met your expectations.

gingerzingi said...

Looks great, tooth girl! Glad this ordeal is finally over.