Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The diagnosis

So Hershey has an infection of unknown origin. Which, apparently, isn't unusual for older dogs. (Her vet said, "OH! I remember when she was just a tiny puppy! How is it possible that she's 10 years old already?" And she said it with exclamation points and ear rubs and lots of petting and cooing. I love Hershey's vet.)

Hershey's blood work revealed she had an elevated white blood count to go with a slight fever, and is now taking an antibiotic and an NSAID (apologies to those of you who saw my Facebook post yesterday in which I said she was getting a steroid) for pain.

This is the first time she's been sick (I know, amazing, right?), and I was truly worried. Yesterday was a very stressful day. I'm glad I have a built-in rest day each week, because I needed a Monday in which exercise was not on the schedule.

Yesterday also kind of got in the way of the big project I wanted to brag about finishing on Sunday. In my continuing quest to tidy up around here, I tackled the secretary, which is a lovely piece of furniture that, unfortunately, is a repository for odd bits and bobs of STUFF that I can, literally, shut the door on. The fold-down writing surface is perfect for hiding what lies behind.

(Also, it used to be green. A really horrible green. With gold-leaf trim. A roll of painter's tape and a few cans of spray paint were all it took to take it from icky to adorable.) At any rate, I give you … NEAT!

Now I need to move the laptop over there (what a hard job that's going to be. Heh.) and I can almost guarantee I'll be spending less time online and more time doing other, more constructive things. Because you see that chair? Not the most comfortable spot in the house.

But at least it's clean!

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