Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Alrighty then

Channeling Ace Ventura, here, with an 'alrighty then' to begin the day. Because what else is there to say when you wake up, open the door to let the dog out and see the front porch covered with snow. Again. Or still. Although I think it melted yesterday afternoon. I was probably on the couch playing solitaire on my phone when that happened.

I kept my date with the elliptical yesterday, entertained by a Real Time with Bill Maher episode from a couple weeks ago. The best line was at the end, and worth waiting for. He reeled off a line-up of speakers at this year's CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) – Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Rick Santorum, Wayne LaPierre, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin – followed by the kicker: "A virtual who's who of what the fuck."

I laughed out loud. Or LOLd.

I also had a short-and-sweet date with the dumbbells. Yay, me!

How else can I bore you? I did laundry yesterday. My laundry room is in my detached garage, so I had to go OUTSIDE where it was COLD and WINDY. THREE TIMES!

I still haven't made it to the market. We're making things up in Ye Olde Middle of Nowhere Kitchen, using what's on hand and hoping for the best. And it hasn't been bad, actually. We're not starving, anyway, but I'm out of onions and it's very hard for me to cook without onions.

I wish I had an epic walk to write about, or some deep, insightful thoughts to share about body image or goal-setting or staying focused. I feel like I'm phoning it in – uninspired, unenthused, unexcited. Perhaps driving home in Sunday's snow was enough excitement for the week. Every day can't be a thrill a minute. Right? Right.

Alrighty then. Enough said.

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