Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The sun will come out …

day after tomorrow.

Somehow that's not quite as smooth a lyric as the Annie version.

In the meantime it's snowing. Again. I didn't work out yesterday. In fact I didn't get out of my pajamas yesterday. I had no place to be and no reason to get dressed, so I, um, didn't. Probably not good for my mental health. Nothing says "slug" like spending the day in your pajamas.

And so today I will GET MOVING. An elliptical workout is on the agenda, as well as an upper-body weight-training session. Nothing heavy or dramatic. Laundry is on the agenda, too. I live such an exciting life.

I start work at the garden center a week from tomorrow, two mornings a week. I love opening up. The routine is to make sure the opening cash matches the closing from the previous day and then water the plants, which takes about three hours. You get to look at every single plant and tree and shrub and seedling. You see what's new, interesting and unusual. It's too early for vegetable plants, and I don't have much more room for flowers, but I'm sure something will be coming home with me.

Before I get my garden planted – and it might be May before that happens – I need to get new electrical fence tape. The neighborhood deer have moved right in to my yard. Hershey chased eight of them off the lawn yesterday morning, and I shooed half a dozen into the woods this morning.

And that's about it from the Middle of Nowhere. When nothing happens on Monday, there's not much to write about on Tuesday. So why did I write at all, you may ask? NaBloPoMo. And, obviously, the downfall of NaBloPoMo is that sometimes you have to read the most boring drivel. If you made it this far, I thank you.

And I wish you a freaking EXCITING day!

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