Friday, March 29, 2013

Lenten FAIL

The two things I said I'd attempt to do for Lent have both fallen by the wayside. The note-a-day exercise generated exactly two notes, neither of which was handwritten or mailed. (One was an e-mail and one was a text message. Viva la geek!)

The major house purge hasn't happened at all. I might work on the garage today. It would be a shame not to at least make an effort on the decluttering project at all, and it's supposed to be sunny with a high near 60 today – perfect garage-cleaning weather.

Perfect walking weather, too, so that's part of the plan du jour, as well. I am SO, SO grateful for perfect walking weather. Just sayin'.

I walked with my friend yesterday and was a teeny bit underdressed. The wind always attacks us for the first three-quarters of a mile, after which the road is more protected. My only outer garment was a hooded windbreaker. With long sleeves that worked pretty well as handwarmers.

News flash: I SURVIVED. Happily, as a matter of fact, and I'm eager to go again today. Despite two days off this week, I think I can still get a 20-mile week in. We're supposed to have rain on Easter, but the weather people have been wrong before.

And I've walked in the rain before.

When my husband and I talked about divesting ourselves of stuff as a Lenten project, we thought it would be a good idea to trick ourselves by pretending we're moving. That's a surefire way to clear out unnecessary junk, right? I'm beginning to think it will only work if we really move. We have a place picked out, and we talk about it all the time. It will be a while before we can make it happen.

But we will make it happen.

Right now I'm a smidge more comfortable staying put than I am moving. Once the balance tips in the other direction (maybe in early fall when the novelty of mowing three acres of grass has worn off), I think I'll work a little harder at it.

If you could live anywhere other than in your current home, where would you be? Are you working toward that goal?

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Vickie said...

I go through closets and drawers and the garage on a very regular basis. I try to go through the attic every couple years. My husband's mom died in 2010 and a truck load came here, some stuff is still in storage there. None of our kids has moved out yet. The graduate school kid is in a furnished apt and will probably stay in furnished for all 5 years as he is too near the coast to risk family stuff. All of it is good, family stuff the kids will want (ours and hers). We still have a 15 year old (although we are 52). So not thinking about moving any time soon. We don't need all the space all the time, but parts of the year, are glad to have it.