Thursday, March 28, 2013

March 28 - In the mirror

The steeple of the church where I park when I walk on Indian Creek Road.
Seemed appropriate for almost-Easter weekend. And look at that blue sky!


denise said...

Great picture! You are so artistic with your photos. You have what I call "the eye" - I, on the other hand, have always wanted to have the eye, but have found it must be something you are born with because I sure haven't been able to cultivate to any degree! So I settle for attempting to take a picture that's in focus and doesn't cut off anything important.

Glad you finally got a day good enough for a walk. We are on a warming trend here as well. Of course, I'm not quite up to any lengthy walks. I've finally got the IT band issue under control - through dry needling of all things - and am reluctant to overdo it things and get it stirred up again. So I'm sticking to the specific exercises given to me at PT and some moderate amount of walking - mostly indoors where surfaces are predictably smooth.

And, if that means I have to go shopping to get my exercise, so be it! I'm learning to be a pretty good window shopper these days - lots of looking and very little buying. Very unlike me, but it's what the bank account dictates for now.

Hope you have lots more great walking weather ahead of you. Have a happy Easter as well.

Winnie said...

Such a cool picture, and perfect for today! Glad the weather is cooperating for you. I got 2 crocuses now in my garden this morning, first sign of life springing forth after this long winter. Have a Happy Easter!

Kate Griffin said...

I love this picture! Happy Easter

Debbi McNeer said...

Thank you all so much for your comments on this photo. I love it, too, and I'm glad it resonated with you enough that you clicked through and told me so. Happy Easter to all!