Sunday, March 31, 2013

When last we met ...

I was debating whether to walk two miles, to make 20 for this week, or five miles, to make 100 for this month.

One option not on the table yesterday was to walk zero miles today, and let the mileage chips fall where they may.

Well, let me just say that option's not only on the table, it's the final answer.

When I was mulling this over yesterday I was all you-go-girl and you-can-do-it and hell-YES-I want a hundred miles in March.

Today, after the cooking and the cleaning and the eating and the cleaning up and the rain and the wind (I hadn't even considered it might be windy but it IS!), well, a 95-mile March looks pretty darned good.

Instead of adding more miles to the log, I think I'll add a nap to the schedule.

'Night. And I hope your Easter was just lovely.

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