Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tying up some loose ends

I lived about 30 miles from Xenia, Ohio, when a tornado flattened that city in the early 1970s. It was a devastating event, and much too close to home. I remember driving there shortly afterward to witness the destruction. You just can't imagine unless you've seen it. My heart is breaking for Moore, Oklahoma, especially since they've been there, done that, not that long ago (1999). As bad asthe derecho was for us last summer, the physical damage was limited to the loss of some trees. We had a roof over our heads, a place to sleep, and we were able to get water. Tornadoes (and hurricanes) leave nothing but heartbreak and debris in the wake.

Sunday was, as I mentioned, a long day in the car and in a meeting. No exercise that day. No exercise Monday, either. (My exercise is still walking outdoors, but I'm thinking more and more about that seven-minute HIIT circuit.)

I made up for Sunday and Monday by walking a total of 9.7 miles yesterday. Went to the post office in the morning – 1.65 miles round-trip – and added eight and a little bit more miles in the afternoon. Note to self: Don't ever walk that far without having lunch first. Also? It's more important to carry a bottle of water than a phone.

A young Amish girl was kind enough to give me some water, about 2.5 miles from home. (I had seriously run out of gas!) When I asked her if she minded, she chirped, "Of course not!" She was taking a break from mowing the lawn with a reel-type mower, a job about which she wasn't very enthusiastic. But, as she said, "It needed to be done and all the boys were working." Don't think all those Amish women spend their time in the kitchen and garden!

So I made it home and rested and vowed to walk smarter next time.

Monday was an exercise-free day because I had another of those dizzy spells. Fortunately I hadn't canceled the doctor's appointment for that afternoon. He listened carefully to my history, studied my lab results and diagnosed an inner-ear issue that is more common as we age. Calcium deposits build up in the labyrinth, and sometimes a little crystal breaks off, causing balance problems, especially after a night of rest. My incidents have always started in the morning.

There's no definitive treatment for them; should they become debilitating, he will refer me to a specialist who has about a 60 percent success rate doing some kind of manipulation. I'm satisfied with this explanation and thrilled I wasn't subjected to any tests and/or procedures.

He, in turn, was thrilled with my bloodwork, especially the cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and said to continue the paleo plan, as it appeared to be a good match for me, my blood and especially my metabolism. (I've been to him many times in the past regarding my weight.)

Now you're all caught up, and so am I. And I have time for a couple miles before work. ADIOS!

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Vickie said...

Manipulation works great and is very easy. There is also physical therapy you can easily do every day (teaching your inner ear) that helps too. Did you happen to have high salt intake the day or two before this dizzy spell? Salt can trigger it. I think it is something about the swelling adding inner ear pressure.