Wednesday, June 19, 2013

This morning's walk has been postponed due to …

I'm sooo not a fan of swimming in air, which is how I feel when I walk in dense fog. Oh, I've done it, when the day is scheduled to the hilt and I've no other options. But today? I have options. Heh.

I'm working from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., picking up a couple things I forgot at the market when I was in town yesterday and will then be able to get a few miles in. You know, when it's sunny and 80 degrees. I wish sunny and 60 happened more frequently, but OH, WELL. Skipping the morning walk allows me more time to spend with YOU! Aren't you lucky?

Thanks for your comments about the progress photo. That black v-neck tee is about as form-fitting as I'm allowing myself right now. It looks better on me than the photo suggests, but again: OH, WELL. I sure wasn't wearing it last summer. Or those capris, either.

The last time I saw most of the women I had lunch with yesterday was in February, and I was able to smile and thank them for their many compliments without being embarrassed or feeling awkward. No one asked how I was losing, though, and I didn't volunteer. This regimen, I've learned, isn't for everyone. My sister lasted 17 days, and I'm so sorry she couldn't wouldn't continue, as it was doing great things for her blood sugar (she has Type II diabetes).

My hope is that she will at least moderate her consumption of starchy carbs and sugar, and that's her hope, as well.

Being grain-, legume-, dairy- and sugar-free is no picnic, lemmetellya. (What's a picnic without macaroni salad, baked beans and homemade ice cream? A BURGER!) But FOR ME, wearing smaller sizes is way more fun than eating macaroni salad. Watching the scale continue to reveal lower numbers is much more gratifying than a side of baked beans.

And hearing all those nice compliments yesterday was A LOT sweeter than ice cream.

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