Monday, July 22, 2013

If a tree falls on a power line

Mother Nature reminded us who's boss yesterday afternoon, lest we get all smug and think we're in charge. We were happily going about our business, which on Sunday afternoons usually means doing not much at all. The air conditioner kicked off, as it does during its cooling cycle, but the ceiling fan slowed down, too. One glance at the blank digital clock confirmed that the electricity was, indeed, off.

We'd had a heavy downpour and wind in the late morning, but it was 2:30 when the refrigerator quit humming. I called the Power Outage Hotline and began waiting.

The view from the porch, 7 p.m.-ish.
Fortunately the rain that had come through earlier brought with it slightly cooler temperatures. It was nice outside, actually. I grilled pork tenderloin chops and sliced tomatoes for dinner as we continued to wait.

As the day wore on into evening, we thought we might have to miss The Newsroom, which begins at 10 p.m. EDT (and is the best hour on television. Period). I'd already gone to bed, resigned to watching the recording. (A DVR programmed to record the entire season of a good show is, well, a beautiful thing.) But what's this? Lights on at 9:54!

I was one happy girl, after spending most of the day and evening not being a happy camper. I can rough it just fine, but I DON'T LIKE TO.

So. The mini-goal I alluded to yesterday? Was to put in a 35-mile week, which would have been the highest weekly mileage this year. I didn't make it. I walked way too late yesterday morning to be comfortable trying to get seven miles in. Ended up doing 31, my third-highest week since Christmas. I am, however, on an eight-day streak. Wonder how long I can keep that going? I walked a mile Saturday (after doing yoga in the morning) to keep the streak alive.

And the weigh-in? I am, officially, finally, HAPPILY overweight! My BMI dipped slightly below the obese level with a three-pound loss for the week.

Making it a total of 38 pounds for the year.

So far.

Hope your weekend was less eventful than mine. But if you weigh in on Monday morning, I hope the news was good!


denise said...

But how would the DVR have recorded the show without electricity?

I'm glad your got your electricity back relatively quickly - at least you saw your favorite show and had AC before bedtime, and that's worth a lot!

Have been having regular storms here and lots of trees down everyday whether there's a storm or not because we're so waterlogged. This morning's traffic report was all about roads blocked by trees instead of roads blocked by traffic!

Happy to say the last two rounds of storms have only skirted my area of ATL. Hope that streak of luck continues!

Audrey said...

Happy happy happy. Happy you got electricity in time to watch your show, happy your weight loss is going well, and happy you have crossed the dreaded "obese" line on the BMI.

I hate the BMI, personally. It is nothing more than a glorified height/weight chart that does not take important fitness factors in to consideration. BUT, I will be thrilled to get back across that threshhold myself. Only 11 pounds to go! :)