Thursday, July 11, 2013


First, @Gingerzingi: Did you see my response to your garlic question?

Second: Cto5K. Last week I did the first two days. Tuesday I repeated Day One. Hoping to repeat Day Two today. Which is really boring, since they (and Day Three) are all the same. OH WELL. Party prepping got the best of me last week, thus the lapse.

Now. Labels. No, not food labels. Very little of my food has a bar code slapped on it these days. I'm thinking of the "caveman" label that Diandra objected to in a recent comment. (I appreciate the comment, Diandra, you really made me think.)

I haven't studied what it means to Be Paleo. I would guess, from what I've skimmed on the interwebs, that such a lifestyle includes weight training or kettlebells or crossfit. (I could be wrong.) What I do know, for me, is this:
We can’t return to the paleolithic. We’re not cavemen. This isn’t about reenactment, and it never has been. We’re all here because we recognize the value in viewing our health, our food, our exercise, and our everyday behaviors through an evolutionary lens.
Read more:
This isn't about reenactment.

It's just easier to type paleo or caveman/woman than it is to type grain-, legume, dairy- and sugar-free. I suppose I could start calling it my GLDS plan, but I'm okay calling it paleo or primal or caveman. It's descriptive, and I know what it means.

And I think you do, too.

No one out there in Whole30 Land is suggesting we kill and field-dress a deer before dinner. (Although that happens pretty frequently out here in the Middle of Nowhere.) What I get from the philosophy of the primal lifestyle is to avoid processed foods whenever possible, to eat as close to the source as one can afford (grass-fed, organic) and to move your body. (Is anyone hearing that song from Madagascar?)

My lifestyle leaves MUCH room for improvement.

My food budget is not infinite. I cannot afford to go completely organic, nor do I even buy and process my own fresh produce all the time. If pineapples are too dear, I buy canned in juice. I'm still eating regular grocery-store chicken, but my beef is grass-fed and my bacon is preservative-free. My go-to intentional activity is walking; I've yet to pick up a kettlebell, or even a dumbbell since I switched my eating plan in April.

Yoga is back in the mix, though, at least once a week.

I am, for sure, eating more healthfully than I did beginning the day after Christmas, when I started pursuing yet another weight-loss goal. I was thinking, as I was making egg salad yesterday morning before work, how easy it used to be to grab a chunk of cheese and a handful of crackers for breakfast. I nevereverever went anywhere without a snack tucked into my purse.

God forbid I should ever feel hungry.

Hunger is okay. Especially hunger first thing in the morning. It's a sign of good health to be hungry after a good night's sleep. I'm not going to die if my stomach growls. And my metabolism is not going to die if I don't feed myself every three hours.

I truly think (I hope this doesn't come back to bite me) I've found a way of eating that works for me. Whatever it's called, it's helping me reach a healthier weight. The less I weigh, the more easily I can move and thus I move more often.

I'd label that GOOD.


Diandra said...

Hehe, just one of my pet peeves. I also never drink "white tea", because originally the tea plantage workers, who were to poor to afford the tea they were caring for and harvesting for rich people, drank simple hot water and called that "white tea". It has nothing to do with what we these days know as "white tea", but I think the name is so poorly chosen that I won't drink it. Ridiculous, maybe, but that's how I roll. ^^

(Oh, and don't get me started on feminist jokes. The colleagues do that sometimes just for entertainment.)

Vickie said...

I don't think of myself as paleo or caveman. I found it very interesting when you all started writing about this type of thing, because when I started reading all of the links, I thought -that is me. Or mostly me. Because there are somethings on the paleo list that I do not eat. And there are a things that I eat on occasion (legumes, in moderation, on occasion). How I think of how I eat - whole foods, as close to their natural state as possible. And then I have foods that bother me (dairy for example). And then I watch carbs like crazy, to keep them proportional to avoid insulin resistance, belly fat. I do not think of myself as low carb, I think of it as proportional, but that means even within whole foods, have to watch it very carefully.

gingerzingi said...

Yes, I saw the garlic answer. However I haven't taken a good look at my garlics yet to see if they're ready. I'll put that on today's to-do list.