Sunday, July 21, 2013

Still buried in e-mail

I recently wrote about my electronic clutter problem. I've been doing much better about keeping up with my favorite blogs. Feedly is a great reader app, and I especially like it on my tablet. Swipe, read, swipe, read and in no time I've gotten through 50 posts!

My inbox, however, is cluttered with more than 800 e-mails. I try to get through a hundred or so each day, unsubscribing when I truly don't think I'll ever care about reading something from that company, group or shop again. It's easier to manage e-mails at the computer, and I purposely chose an uncomfortable chair to put at my desk – to reduce the amount of time I spend with the laptop – so it's becoming less and less likely that I'm ever going to catch up.

The recent Gmail update for the tablet app sucks. Used to be you could just check boxes to batch-delete, which I was doing fairly regularly. Now you literally have to read each e-mail and tap the trashcan to get rid of it. I suppose that's good for those who sent the e-mails, but it's quite cumbersome for those who don't want to read them.

I went online and found I'm not the only one who doesn't like the upgrade. I learned how to go back to the previous iteration of the app, but it updates automatically in a day or two, so I quit jumping through that hoop.

I think I need a sick day, just to lie in bed with the laptop and take care of some bid-ness!

Instead, if I want to reach my secret mileage goal today I need to get off my ass and do seven miles. For some reason I'm not really feeling it this morning. You know what, though? THAT DOESN'T MATTER! Once I get out there and start putting one foot in front of the other, the mojo will kick in and I'll be fine.

I went to yoga class again yesterday morning. Man, that's hard. I was dripping with sweat by the time we got to corpse. Also? I think yoga burns way more calories than LoseIt! thinks it does. Oh. Well. I tried to walk with my husband for a little bit yesterday afternoon, but it was SO hot and SO humid that we only managed one mile. Plus, he walks a lot more slowly than I like to, so it seemed more like an effort than my usual fun run.

Fun run. Who EVER would have believed I'd be writing that a year ago?

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