Thursday, August 29, 2013

Still purging …

the clothes.

I've gone through all but one dresser drawer – the only one left has pajamas, swimsuits and workout wear in it. Yesterday I tackled the closet and got through everything but the sweaters. The giveaway pile is growing, and includes the two pair of linen slacks I shrank on purpose earlier in the summer. So sad to be getting rid of them, but they truly are miles too large now.

I have two more old-clothing stashes to go through and then I can start thinking about what I'll need going forward.

This one is taupe, the other one
is chocolate. I know it looks
awful hanging like this, but it
really does look good on!
Both of you may be wondering why I'm getting rid of all these too-big clothes. Well, every time I've hung on to a larger-sized wardrobe in the past, I've grown back into it. I have no intention of doing that this time. I am, in fact, running out of time at my age, and I'd like for my current and future clothes to be smaller sizes than the ones I'm getting rid of.

Back when I was buying all this new stuff in larger sizes (when I'd resigned myself to always being obese), I found a couple knit tunic-length tops that looked great on my monitor. They didn't look so great on me, however, once they arrived, but return shipping was prohibitive, considering what I paid for the tunics. Now, though, they look terrific. And even if they are XLs, I'm keeping them. They will be the exception to the smaller-sized rule. All I need to complete the look is a pair of tights and some riding boots.

Having done a little online sleuthing for tights and boots, I'm glad the tunics were as, um, economical as they were! It seems tights or leggings can be pricey, and as difficult to fit as bras and swimwear. And boots? Ah, well, I'm on the hunt.

At any rate, I'm having fun and amusing my husband. He's beginning to get concerned about all this vanity. I've assured him it won't last. Right now, though, I feel renewed.

And worth it.


jen said...

Wuld love to see pics of these on (because it does look weird in that pic) and your new dress. Congrats!

denise said...

What a great feeling that must be! I am about to embark on a forced purge due to space limitations at my mother's house. I'm struggling with whether to keep some of the smaller stuff that I keep meaning to grow down into, but I may not end up with much of a choice by the time it's all over!

Sometimes I think having smaller things that don't fit can be a little frustrating/demotivating as well, although there are those who find it inspiring and something to set a goal around. When I see them I'm more likely to get depressed about allowing myself to gain out of them...again!

I am not looking forward to the process, but know it will feel wonderful when it's done and my clothes can hang neatly rather than being jammed in and spread across other surfaces in the house. Plus, we have a consignment shop here that I'm hoping will take stuff and make me a little money - that may take the sting out a little.

Congratulations on your great success and attitude around it all.