Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A quiet, reflective day …

followed by another one.

Today, of course, is the anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center, which happened 12 years ago. I had just one grandchild when that even happened. Now I have seven. It's rather amazing to me how much the world has changed since that day, and yet life does, indeed, go on.

Yesterday was the third anniversary of my dad's death. Three years of not hearing a new joke, or talking politics, or asking for gardening advice or making new memories.

I miss him still.

Today also is laundry day (which is not a designated day around here, but I'm wondering if my house would be more organized if I did do specific chores on specific days) and trash day and it promises to be a rainy day later.

Better get the walk in early.

From the looks of this graphic:
I'd say September 4 was my best running performance day. The second and third sessions in Week 8 were done in much warmer and more humid conditions than the first. That humidity really gets to me. I had to stop for a minute a couple times yesterday.

One final 30-minute run and I'll be done, done, done with Cto5K. But I'm not done running. I love running, it's my favorite way to work out and take care of myself, and I'm glad I can actually do it again. It probably qualifies more as "jogging" than "running," but OH WELL.

We're getting ready to go away for the weekend, to Greenup, KY, for an AA conference. We've been going for many, many years, missing just one – we were on our way to it three years ago when I got the call about my dad.

Every year when we leave the event I make a silent vow to myself that next year I'll have lost some weight. Next year I'll be back in good shape. Well … next year is this year. My husband thinks some people won't recognize me. I doubt that, we've known this group for years, some for decades. It's not like going to the dentist every six months, heh.

But it'll be fun and interesting and uplifting and spiritual and all the things an AA conference usually is, with the personal bonus of actually – finally – making one perpetual wish come true.

I've made that vow following other events – my granddaughter's dance recitals and family reunions, specifically, because they happen only once or twice a year. Do you do that, too? If you've finally crossed it off your bucket list, what was the motivating factor? What made the difference? I've written about my moment here. What pushed you to start? And how did you finish?

Or have you?

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