Friday, September 6, 2013

Here's what happened yesterday

My dentist thought he had a new patient.

I had a hygiene appointment yesterday and of course the doctor has to come in afterward and check things out. He came through the door and had a somewhat puzzled look on his face, walked over to check the chart and then greeted me by name, asking what I'd been up to since the last time I was in (which was six months ago). 
So I said I'd worked part-time and let the weeds win the garden battle and oh, I'd walked more than 800 miles. 
Which is when he said he hadn't recognized me when he walked into the room. 
That was kinda cool.

Mr. K did a double-take. 

I dropped my car off at the service station for an oil change and walked from there to the dentist and back (a little more than three miles round-trip). When I went in to pay, the owner (Mr. K) had to look twice. Not quite as tactful as Dr. M, he said, "Wow, girl, you've really lost a lot of weight!"

My friend V asked me if I'd been sick.

I stopped at the market after I picked up the car and ran into a woman I haven't seen in a couple years. We got caught up on each others' lives in the frozen vegetable aisle and then she said (more tactfully than Mr. K), "You really look great! Are you trying to lose weight, or have you been ill?" 
I've been waiting for the 'have-you-been-sick' line.
It seems like people are suddenly noticing I've dropped a few pounds. Most folks comment on the haircut first, saying I look "really different."

I've written previously about what a dangerous time this is. My clothes fit well and I'm wearing a few new things. I'm getting compliments and I don't even mind. I have no pain or discomfort and I'm within five pounds of my original goal, which was to lose 50 pounds.


I'm finding it not-at-all difficult to maintain at my current weight, which is not my ideal weight. I still exceed a normal BMI. I think I'd have more energy and feel even better if I got to my revised goal of losing 65 pounds. I can't let all this fun stuff – compliments and new clothes and 10-minute miles, oh my – distract me from the big picture.

And I won't.

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Vickie said...

Good post.

I have noticed the dentist office THING too. I think it is because we only see them every once in a while. So they, more than most, really notice changes. Ditto with hair stylist (I don't get my hair cut very often).

You are right, the - have you been sick? thing usually does come up.

The other one that comes up is - are you getting ready to leave your husband? As in losing weight, getting ready to look for a new husband. No, does not come up from the majority, but more than one blogger has had this asked.

Get ready, because the one that will be coming is - you have lost too much weight, time to stop now. This (in my opinion, most often) comes from people when we start to get smaller than they are. BMI was my answer to that question. And my belly fat. Because I was working to get in normal range and to get rid of ALL my belly fat. Did both.