Thursday, September 5, 2013

Apparently …

all I have to do to reach a goal is talk about it here.

Which doesn't mean I've lost 20 pounds this week. Wouldn't that be miraculous?!? But it does mean that yesterday's Cto5K session included TWO sub-10-minute miles.


As both of you know, I've been training on a flat road now that Cto5K is a long solid run (this week they're 28 minutes), and I go with my husband. I'm missing the hill training on my own road (never thought I'd say that!), but a nice level surface does indeed allow me to run continuously.

I start the MapMyRun app when we begin walking. After half a mile or so I start the Cto5K app, which begins with a five-minute warm-up. When it buzzes and orders me to "Start your run now," I take off, while my husband continues walking.

MMR provides feedback after every mile, while Cto5K lets me know how I'm doing at the halfway point and after each interval, which is now at the end of the session, since it's one long run. If you'd been with me following yesterday's third mile, you'd have seen me fist-pumping the air and shouting "Woo hoo!"

See why?
The temperature was in the high 60s, which helped a lot, and the fog had burned off. It was, all in all, a great run. Total distance for the 28-minute Cto5K portion was 2.84 miles.

To finish the workout, I catch up with my husband again just as he's hitting his 2.5-mile turnaround point, and we walk back to the car together.

I realize I'm not Speedy Gonzalez. And I doubt I could keep this pace going for much longer than a couple of miles. But hey … I turned 62 in May, and I haven't run regularly in half a dozen years. And seriously? I didn't think I even had one 10-minute mile in me!

I'll give myself a high-five. And start thinking about future goals …

P.S. I did increase the calories yesterday, ending up at 1316 for the day. Burned 487 during the run (according to LoseIt). No more dizzy spells. Another high five for that!

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CrossRoad Farm said...

You go girl! I am 43, and I know I don't have a 10 minute mile in me. I definitely know that I can't put several miles together and take a trip down the road.

Be careful with the dizzy spells if you are doing paleo. You can get your carbs too low which will drop your magnesuim levels and other things that could lead to fainting spells. Easy trick is to count the carbs, try to maintain a decent level of good ones, and do some research on magnesium oil. It is the easiest way to supplement magnesium.