Sunday, September 8, 2013

Yes i can, yes i can, can

Re: Yesterday's Big Dilemma: Yes, it is possible to sync an Android phone with a Mac computer.

Who knew?

It's not as easy an operation as syncing an iPhone with a Mac, but there really are only a couple hoops through which to jump. I'm going to try it today. The bigger issue in choosing a new phone is battery life, and Jen's suggestion to do some research on it is well-taken.

I drove all the way into town yesterday morning for yoga, only to find the class had been cancelled. Our yogi posted it on Facebook but I didn't check her page before I left. Since I was in town anyway, I stopped at Tiny Kroger for football snacks – fruit and vegetables for me, a chunk of cheese for my husband – and headed back home.

Our game didn't begin until 7 p.m., so we had plenty of time for a walk, and I was feeling a little antsy and bored with the usual Indian Creek route. We ended up going to Talcott, WV, and walking a little more than four miles along the Greenbrier River there. It was a lovely walk and I was so happy we went someplace new.

Found a few crops under the weeds.
I'd intended to finish the mowing, but just wasn't feeling it when we got home. By the time September comes, I'm SO DONE with mowing. Unfortunately the grass isn't done growing. I got most of the job done Friday, including dismantling the fence around the garden and cutting all the garden weeds right down to the ground. I didn't know my little riding mower had that much power. But Saturday just felt like a day to watch football and relax.

So I did. We had football snacks for dinner. West Virginia – sadly – got beat in its conference opener, but our defense looked good, and that's saying a lot after last year.

The number on the scale this morning was shocking. Almost as shocking as the one I saw last Christmas morning. Please, please, please, let it stay there until tomorrow. I KNOW numbers shouldn't be so important or hold so much power, but … well, both of you know that sometimes they just are and they just do.

I hope Lynne is ready for her photography assignment. And I hope I'm not jinxing myself by writing about it.


MadAnne said...

I have an iPhone 4S I love, also not so much as a phone but as a computer. I have straight talk and pay $48 a month for unlimited text, data, and phone. Battery life is an issue when I have lots of things running. Supposedly if I upgrade to ios 7 it will be a real problem with the 4s.

Lynne Postlethwaite Larsen said...

I'm ready whenever you are and even if it isn't tomorrow it is a day very soon!