Friday, January 24, 2014

All politics is local

So I was watching Jeopardy last night with my husband – it's our after-dinner mental cocktail, I suppose – when the phone rang. On the line was a friend encouraging me to get myself down to the county courthouse before today's deadline to file as a candidate for our county's Democratic Executive Committee.

Signing my life away for my party. Heh.
I've wanted to be a part of this committee for a long time, but these seats are kind of like Green Bay Packers season tickets. I wasn't going to throw my name in the hat and possibly step on someone else's toes.

However – my friend said both women from my district were stepping down. They'd found one replacement. Would I consider being the other one?

PERFECT! It's like winning your age group in a 5K when you're the only one in your age group.

But it's also new blood, and every county committee needs a transfusion once in a while. I hope to learn a lot, contribute what I can and help turn West Virginia BLUE!


Winnie said...

Alan and I watch Jeopardy at night too. It is hysterical the things my brain seems to pull out of nowhere. I am glad you decided to go for it and try to make the committee. You are truly a woman of conviction, and love that you are stepping up to make the change you want in your state. Good Luck!

denise said...

Very cool that you're willing - eager, even - to serve! They are very, very lucky to have you!