Friday, January 24, 2014

How many times …

can one bitch about the weather?

It's cold. Again. My last walk was that lovely one in the snow on Tuesday. At least I think it was Tuesday.
My favorite shot from that walk, which seems like such a long, long time ago.
I shoveled a couple tire-track paths down the driveway yesterday and actually Got Out and Did Stuff. We hadn't picked up the mail all week. We needed almond milk and bananas and BACON. Heh.

My husband has been really dedicated to his treadmill workouts during the current cold snap, while my elliptical has been idle. I'll probably have to brush cobwebs off it if I work out today.

And that's a big "if." Yes, I know I should, but wow, do I ever have trouble working out indoors. The temperature Sunday is supposed to reach a balmy 39°. You can bet I'll be outside then.

My weight is stable and I just keep thinking, "Spring is on the way … spring is on the way …"

As long as I'm not going backwards, I guess I'm willing to tread water – so to speak – until I can get back outside regularly.

I'll be going out again today, after I got a rather serendipitous phone call yesterday evening. Exciting news from the Middle of Nowhere. Film at 11!

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