Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It's winter. And it's snowing.

The sky! It's falling!
Because that's what it does in winter.

This is going to be an all-day event, with a predicted snowfall of four to eight inches. Four is as bad as eight if you're driving in it, I suppose.

I'm not going anywhere.

I got my car inspected and a new battery installed yesterday, and walked to Tiny Kroger while the work was being done. (After walking four miles earlier with my husband. PATTING MYSELF ON THE BACK HERE!) The grocery was jam-packed with folks buying milk, bread, eggs and peanut butter. Because the snowpocalypse! It's happening!

I bought bananas and cereal (for the husband), and said to the manager on my way out, "You must love winter weather forecasts!" He's such a nice guy. He said, "I don't, but I'm sure the company does!"

Because he has to drive on these mountain roads, too.

So. There will be shoveling today for intentional activity, instead of walking. Or maybe in addition. I haven't walked in the snow in a long, long time, and if I bundle up, it could be a very peaceful, meditative addition to my day.
It really is kinda pretty.


Mary said...

I'd hoped winter was over after the little respite we had, but I think the same storm is heading this way... sigh...

denise said...

So here I am back on Chrome in order to comment - still can't do it in Safari - :-( Keep hoping that will correct itself, but alas, hasn't happened yet!

Luckily I thought to copy what I typed in Safari before hitting publish, so I can just paste here (in other words, no blue air here!) :-)

We're getting hit here too, although I think we're only expecting 2-4" - but as you say, it doesn't take a lot to make the roads a mess. It only started snowing here in the 8:00 hour - and it was that deceptively powder-ie/light looking snow that accumulates before you know it and makes the roads slippery almost immediately. This I can attest to, as I drove to the gym and then for a quick errand (including the grocery store) this morning. Roads were a little scary for me - one of the rare times I looked at all of the SUV's on the road and wished I had one. In fact, from home to gym, mine was the only actual car I saw - all others in SUV's or trucks.

Now I'm in the for the long haul. Guess I'll have to use my mini-elliptical if I want to get to my goal of 5,000+ steps a day (yes, I know, this is strictly a beginner's goal, but hey - at least I'm trying!) :-)