Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A short one today

Blogging from my phone this morning. Our Internet has been down since yesterday afternoon. I spent some time with a tech person last night, trying to reset the modem or router or whatever it's called, to no avail. They promised it would be up and running by tomorrow.

Today's weight bounced back up a pound. As both of you know, I'm beginning to think this is it. Still on the plan - no reason to stop doing what has worked so well too relieve pain and clear up other nagging health issues.

I took a lovely four-mile winter walk yesterday. I posted photos on Facebook and would share the link if I could figure out how to do that from the phone.

They call them smartphones because they're smarter than we are. Heh.

My glutes and the front of my thighs are sore from the walk. So I guess it really was more of a hike. I'm glad I went. It will be way too cold to leave the house today.

I wish you warmth and sunshine, wherever you are. You deserve it!


gingerzingi said...

I don't mind snow if I don't have to drive in it, if no trees come down, if our power stays on, if our internet stays on, if there's food in the house, if I don't have an interview or doctor appointment - which defying all odds I usually do...

So that perfect combination of circumstances is pretty rare.

Stay warm!

denise said...

Testing comments

denise said...

Hmmm…I did some research and found a suggestion that allowed me to leave the above comment using Safari, but not sure I'm willing to use the "fix." It turns out I need to allow 3rd party cookies in order to leave a comment through Safari.

I haven't looked further, as I need to get ready for an appointment soon. Maybe Chrome is setup that way already - I never use it for anything but to comment here and one or two other websites in the past that did not support Safari at all, so I've never really paid attention to its settings.

The other suggestion that was given in the posts I found was to set Blogger up to to not use embedded comments, but I would guess that wouldn't be desirable for you, as it apparently disables the direct comment function - where someone can respond to a specific comment versus just a straight line of comments.

I'll keep researching and see what else I find. Maybe there's another way around this annoying issue!

denise said...

Turned the setting back off and am testing again.

denise said...

Well now, isn't that interesting! I allowed the 3rd party cookies, posted the comments above, blocked 3rd party cookies again, and it's still working! Of course, within an hour of having done that I got a message from a friend who said she was getting bogus emails with links in that appeared to be from me. Not sure if it was related. Hard to believe having the setting open for just 5 minutes - maybe less - could have allowed a hacker to get in, but who knows.

Also between the first two comments and these last two, I changed my email password in response to the message from a friend, maybe that had something to do with it as well - who knows! I don't pretend to understand all this stuff. I'll monitor and see if I can continue to comment as time goes on, but for now, I'm back in the comment business!

Debbi said...

Yay, Denise! That seems like an awful lot of trouble, but I'm glad you went to the effort. You always leave such thoughtful comments and I appreciate them ... And you!