Sunday, February 23, 2014

Gotta run walk

Oh, the weather outside's delightful! Already 60°, mostly sunny, a gentle breeze, birdsong … what am I waiting for?

Since a baby polar vortex is coming through in a couple more days, I'm waiting for nothing and am totally going to get out for a long solo walk today.

My husband is at church, and his church is having a congregational dinner following the service. So I have lots o'time to get this walk done, but I'm not sure exactly why I'm procrastinating. It's really quite perfect outside.

We're bumbling along with the baby refrigerator still upstairs. It hasn't been totally awful, just mostly. Nine more days until delivery of the new kitchen-sized one.


In addition to skipping a couple days' worth of posts here, I've also skipped a couple photo prompts. I found nothing 'funny' to shoot Friday, nor any 'act of kindness' yesterday. In fact, it was a stretch to figure out how to illustrate today's prompt: 'this is where I relax.'

I don't relax, much. But as I said on Instagram, I like my meals to be leisurely, so capturing breakfast and a magazine was as good as it gets. (That photo will show up here in the next post.)

Okay. My food choices lately have been not so great, but with this weather I've no excuse not to walk. And so … I'm outta here!

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