Saturday, February 22, 2014


When we last met, I was … oh I'd have to go back and read it to remember and seriously? I just don't have time.

I'm glad you have time to stop by today, though. Even if it's just for a minute. Which is about how much time I have.

My "busy-ness" is cyclical. Lately, and for the next month or so, it'll feel like I have a Real Job again. I have several design projects lined up, and the weather is mostly improving. I'll be ready to get the garden going just about the time the garden will be ready for me.

I love when it works out like that.

Thursday I was in the state capitol all day with a large gathering of Democratic women from around the state. It was our annual Lobby Day. The legislature is in session, and we're peddling our influence at least as hard as the right-to-lifers are. Except I think the RTL group has more money than we do.

Why is it we're still fighting the abortion fight again?


Yesterday I realized I had an afternoon meeting at which I needed to present a preliminary design. So I spent most of the morning working on that. And then the committee was spectacularly underwhelmed, so it's back to the drawing board on that project. So to speak.

No walking Thursday, unless you count walking all over the Capitol building (West Virginia's statehouse is truly a beautiful structure, inside and out). My husband and I two walks yesterday. We drove to our favorite little country road, but had to turn around at the half-mile mark. A live skunk nosing around a dead deer and a huge barking dog were signs, SIGNS, I tell you, that we should have walked at home.

So we did. One mile there and three miles here and I'm up to 60 miles for the month. Not where I want to be, but better than nothing.

Refrigerator update 
The model we wanted wasn't in stock and had to be ordered. In the meantime, I'm looking at the far-less-than-perfect situation of storing fresh food in the tiny dorm model in the garage/office as a fitness opportunity. Every time I need something from the little fridge I have to walk over to the garage and climb a flight of stairs. Needless to say I consolidate the trips as much as possible. But still … I'm running up and down stairs three or four times a day now.

I think we're going to bring the baby refrigerator over to the house today, though. My husband is less enthusiastic than I am about this exercise plan. The new refrigerator won't be delivered until March FOURTH. It has been … challenging … trying to keep leftovers to a minimum. We were surprised at how much food the baby fridge can store, but we don't want to add any extras if we can help it. Condiments, fresh vegetables, my husband's yogurt and a carton of milk are about all it can handle.

And now we're all caught up again. I hope you both have a more relaxing weekend than I'm going to. Looks like I'll get a little weight-training in carrying a refrigerator down a flight of stairs. And the old, broken one? It's going on the back porch for now.

I'm such a good little hillbilly. Heh.

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