Thursday, August 21, 2014

In retrospect …

While giving up the 1500-mile goal for 2014 was necessary, due to a very cold and low-mileage winter plus a hip problem this summer, I haven't felt terribly motivated to take that daily walk that was once so very important to me.

This is a recent development. The combination of a busy schedule and monsoon season are conspiring with my lack of motivation to make it perfectly okay to be a slug this month. I'm much more likely to walk every other day, and to only walk two or three miles, rather than my previous five miles daily, come hell or high water.
Graphics don't lie. And that broken one? That's the day the hip problem began. I thought I could go at least a mile, but only managed slightly more than a quarter mile.

So in spite of the fact that we've had a fabulous August so far, with cooler temperatures and reasonable humidity, I'm going to fall far short of last year (152 miles) and even far short of last month, in which I managed to average slightly more than two miles per day.

I'm trying not to let it get me down. There's other stuff going on that is getting me down, the kind of stuff where you just stick your fingers in your ears and go lalalalala. I needn't add fuel to the smoldering embers.

All in all, last year was stellar,  but comparing this one to that one isn't productive. As the young folk say, it (2014) is what it is, and crying over spilt coconut milk isn't going to change a thing. I'M the one who can change things, and right now I'm treading water, waiting for the tide to go back out.

Soon. Seventy-five days until Election Day. The next couple months are killer as far as scheduling and events and projects and staying motivated are concerned. I guess channeling my energy in that direction has inevitably reduced my reserves in the health-and-fitness one.

Which just goes to prove how valuable blogging is. I've been thinking of giving it up entirely, or at least giving it up for the next couple months. But I just figured something out by talking to y'all about it. So while I certainly won't be blogging daily – no time for that, either – I'll definitely throw a post up every few days. Brain dumps are GOOD things.

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gingerzingi said...

Different times, different needs and priorities. Adaptability is a skill I'm still working on.

Don't give up blogging. Take a break when you need to - I've done that occasionally and find it doesn't last long because it's very therapeutic for me to brain dump. Writing in a private diary somehow isn't quite the same.

I don't have any advice except ODAAT. You can't make things happen faster than they're going to, you can't put month of work into one week, and you can't anticipate everything that's going to happen and pre-solve it today. I've tried; it doesn't work :-D