Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I suppose …

I should probably check in here, yes?

So the weekend was wonderful, although it really was just a Friday evening-to-Sunday morning timespan. The littlest guest told her daddy she'd like to stay for a week! She's a city girl, but I think being in the country suits her just fine.

And the rest of my life is pretty much the same: political stuff, health-and-fitness stuff, clean eating stuff.

Weekend eating was, um, less than perfect, but I'm following the 80/20 rule – giving myself a day off every week to 10 days IF a situation arises which is, um, less than perfect for following the paleo plan. However … Saturday's lunch and Sunday's evening meal were both off-plan. I guess that still falls within the 80/20 rule, but I felt pretty crappy Sunday night.

To counteract my indiscretions, I semi-fasted yesterday. Fruit salad and fresh salsa tasted great and this morning I'm feeling better. It rained all day yesterday (two inches!) so no walk, but I hope to sneak one in this morning before I go to a political event early in the afternoon.

We were walking around the very weedy garden Saturday and I counted more than a dozen spaghetti squash and at least half a dozen butternuts. I think I've found my garden calling. Really looking forward to roasted spaghetti squash with meat sauce. It's truly a paleo-perfect meal.

Writing about food is making me HUNGRY! Not eating much yesterday is certainly contributing. It's been a couple days since I've had bacon and eggs … I think I know what's for breakfast.

Thanks, as always, for reading. Hope your weekend was as satisfying as mine was.

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