Friday, August 8, 2014

Time to buckle down. Again.

My weight is creeping up again.

Abandoning my 1500-mile walking goal made it So. Much. Easier. to walk fewer miles, walk less frequently and just not walk at all.

Hurting my hip didn't help this week, but that doesn't even begin to explain the lack of will I've been experiencing this summer.

I spent last Monday morning at the sewing machine, creating a Frozen cape for my younger granddaughter, who is enchanted with the icy princess Anna. As I was walking down the hall from the spare bedroom to the kitchen, I suddenly couldn't walk without pain PAIN.

I spent most of the day resting, except for a meeting that evening. I spent all of Tuesday and Wednesday morning resting and the pain had almost completely gone by Wednesday, when I had another meeting to attend.

My husband insisted I rest yesterday so I would be comfortable going out for our delayed anniversary dinner. I mostly rested, taking a little time to put some ground cover plants in the ground. (I feel lucky they've not died in their little plastic pots for the past month!) Dinner was fine, no pain at all.

I hope to walk today.

Of course, exercise isn't the only component to weight loss, just as lack of exercise isn't the only thing to blame with weight gain. I need to clean up the food plan, and late summer is the perfect time to do that. I'm going to get a few tomatoes, we've been eating summer squash almost daily, there's a row of green beans out there than needs picking and the peppers are beginning to turn orange.

Which is what they're supposed to do.

I really should have been a squash-only farmer, though. Look!


Butternuts on the left, and spaghetti on the right. Each plant has multiple squashes in various stages of maturity. I'm thrilled to have as much spaghetti squash as is out there. They keep for a couple of months and cooked spaghetti squash also freezes well.

So it's back to basics for me. Clean eating – no nibbles or tastes, and treats on special occasions only. Otherwise they're not treats, are they?

Time to dance – again – with the one who brought me.


Toledo Lefty said...

Interesting that the pain started after a day spent sitting. I hope you can figure out what is going on so you can get back to your normal activity. Injuries are so frustrating.

AlisonH said...

I tried growing zucchinis once, my one attempt at any kind of squash. Guess where the gopher came up for air? Guess who didn't have to worry about neighbors not liking zucchini? Oh well, they got enjoyed, anyway.

Debbi said...

I was not feeling quite as charitable as you when I saw the tomato plant I've been babying along stripped of its fruit. They left behind a couple green tomatoes with teeth marks in them! Grrr.

We will have spaghetti squash, however. Plenty o'spaghetti squash!