Thursday, September 4, 2014

Climbing out of the abyss

Not only have I not been writing and posting here, I've not been reading or commenting on others' blogs, unless I've chosen to subscribe to your blog via e-mail. Hi, Gingerzingi!

For that, I apologize. I have excuses, plenty of excuses, but the main one, obviously, is that when obligations and responsibilities pile up, something's gotta go.

One something has gone for good: I'm no longer following any kind of photo-a-day list. I still take photos when I walk, but I haven't been walking every day, either. Walking has not gone for good, but daily walking has.

I'd like to change that. Yesterday was a "rest" day, but the last week of August I managed five consecutive days. I only logged 52 miles last month, the lowest monthly total since I started tracking mileage, I do believe.

I suppose I'm one of those all-or-nothing types, as well. When the daily walks turned into every-other daily walks, it became easier for me to eat poorly. It's a vicious cycle, as both of you know. When you I eat crap, you I feel like crap. When you I feel like crap, you I don't want to move. When you I don't want to move, you'll I'll do whatever to feel better and if off-plan food is handy – as it is when one lives with someone not following one's plan – well, eating feels good.

Damn it.

I've definitely fallen into the abyss of making poor choices and not taking care of myself. Many of the symptoms which had cleared up when I stopped eating sugar, dairy and grains have returned. The most telling one is lack of energy. I want my energy back.

Eating crap does not help my productivity, my mood, my motivation, my enthusiasm, my life. PERIOD.

Tomorrow marks the 60th day until Election Day 2014. The pre-election busy-ness will turn into pre-holiday busy-ness, followed by winter doldrums. If I'm to get through to spring with my head on straight, I need to do what works and quit wishing for a metabolism and body I clearly wasn't born with.

And so, I'm back on the horse. I'll walk this morning and I'll eat cleanly today and I'll take it a day at a time. Because really? How else can you take it?

What's not gone for good is my desire to get to a normal BMI. I still think that can happen. I know how to make it happen. I need to Just Do It.

Beginning today.

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