Sunday, September 7, 2014

The dawn breaks

I am an early, early riser. Definitely a morning person. It's always pitch black outside when I wake up. A glance at the digital clock tells me if it's toooooo early to actually begin my day.

If the first number is a "3," it's too early. Usually. If I just can't get back to sleep, though, I go ahead and start getting all the things swirling in my head done. And believe me, there's always something swirling around in there.

I've been designing a lot of ads lately, many for a program book which has gone to the printer and since then some newspaper ads to try to convince West Virginians that Democrats really are a better choice than the Koch Brothers-funded candidates.

If you know me in real life, you've heard me say this before: West Virginia is following in North Carolina's footsteps. In 2010, NC was taken over by the GOP, and the Koch Brothers can take a lot of credit. A disorganized and underfunded state Democratic party also is responsible. Ultimately, though, it was the Citizens United decision allowing corporations to buy elections that made the difference.

[A shout-out to North Carolinians who are polite when they answer a political canvassing call. I volunteered during the 2010 campaign when I was visiting there, and was so impressed with your manners and courtesy – so very different from some of my neighbors here in the Mountain State.]

Southern West Virginia has been turning red inch by inch. The negative assault this year –TV commercials and glossy direct-mail pieces – are aimed at defeating my Congressman, who has represented us well since 1977. He's brought a lot of improvements to West Virginia's 3rd District. While I understand those who argue for term limits and think it's time to wipe the slate clean, his opponent is no political newcomer and most definitely would vote against seniors, women, education and health care at every opportunity.

I've been trying to keep my ads positive, because I think it needs to be done and because it makes me feel like a better person when I go in that direction. I can be snarky when I want to, but it's not my nature. I have to work harder at the low blow than I do highlighting the good stuff.

I find that I respond more warmly to a positive ad than I do to a negative one. And while polls and numbers might say differently, I'm going with my gut on this. I'll continue to urge voters to register and show up on Election Day to vote for the party which has always worked to improve the lives of  the middle class.

Vote for Democrats.

P.S. Food and exercise update: Good and good. But I woke up today with itchy, watery eyes and lots o'sneezing. With all the rain we had yesterday I can't blame it on pollen. I just want it to go away SOON. Ah-choo!

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