Friday, September 12, 2014

Workin' for the weekend


I don't have a "real" job, but my volunteer jobs sure take a lot of time and energy. So it's nice to have a little downtime in the schedule.

Hershey and the dog sitter will be holding down the fort as my husband and I travel to her birthplace. We rescued her from a filthy barn on a Kentucky hillside 11 years ago as we attended the same event we're going to today.

She's a lucky dog.

And we're lucky owners, because Hershey is a super dog. Obedient (most of the time), healthy (unless she eats deer bones), playful (although she's slowing down a bit in her dotage), affectionate (ALWAYS). She probably won't eat much while we're gone, but she'll be ecstatic when we pull in the driveway again Sunday afternoon.

I won't be completely unplugging, but more than likely I'll take a blog break. Have a great weekend!

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