Thursday, September 11, 2014

So, yeah, about yesterday

While I hadn't made a public commitment to return to posting daily, I'd hoped to. Yesterday kind of got away from me. I even had to reschedule a haircut because life got, um, rather complicated.

As I got ready to run some errands and go to a meeting in town yesterday morning, I remembered there was no gas for the mower. Our rainfall totals have been impressive the last three or four weeks, following a July in which I cut the grass just one time. One more fill-up should do for this season.

So I headed out to the garden shed to get the gas can. The combination of wet grass and a hole in the yard (hidden by – um – grass), had me flat on my face before I knew what was happening.

Because I was in a hurry, I simply got up, grabbed the gas container, went back to change my now grass-stained shirt and went on my not-so-merry way.

When an older person (I'm 63, you be the judge) falls, alarm bells go off. Where does it hurt, are there any broken bones, what about scrapes and cuts … I didn't think of any of that. I just needed to GET GOING, so that's what I did.

It didn't take any time at all to know I didn't break anything. Hours later, though, I noticed a scraped knee and began to feel some discomfort in my hip and lower back. I've prescribed myself two Aleve daily.

Because you know what? I don't feel like an older person and I don't fall like an older person. All that walking – which is weight-bearing exercise – is good for not just my internal organs, but for my bones as well. My last bone density test showed the bones of a woman decades younger than I am – a 20-year-old, instead of 60-something.

I didn't walk yesterday. I'm not sure about today. Might be a good idea to give it a rest. I'm going away for the weekend and will have some lovely and safe walking routes where we're going.

One thing is for sure: I will pick myself up again and again. And I'll keep on walking.


Toledo Lefty said...

Glad you weren't hurt! I heard once: "Exercise is a poor person's plastic surgery." This is a nice reminder that it's good for more than just looks. :)

Debbi said...

I've also heard that eyebrow waxing is the cheapest facelift you'll ever get. I think Oprah said that! Thanks for your comment!

denise said...

haven't been able to post for months - testing fix.

denise said...

Woo Hoo! I'm back in business. I have a feeling this is something I'll have to remember to do every time I upgrade Safari. But at least I got it done for now.

So sorry to hear about your fall. Hope you don't have any serious repercussions from it. Have a good trip - enjoy your weekend.

Now that I can comment again, I'll spend the time thinking up something profound to say by the time you're back! :-)