Thursday, April 30, 2015

3 + 3 = DONE

Three more miles will get me to 122, which is what I need to reach 400, or 100/month for the year.

Three more Whole 30-compliant meals will get me to the end of the 30th day of this Whole 30.

Do you get the idea that I'll be excited to complete this Whole 30? WELL, YOU'RE RIGHT! Not that anything on my plate is going to change all that much, but it does feel restrictive. I am, however, happy I did it. A Whole 30 really is like pushing the reset button in my brain. I was getting very sloppy with my food, thinking I was "cured," that the weight I'd gained back would go away by itself.

Not. Gonna. Happen.

If I've learned anything in my six-plus decades on the planet, it's that maintaining a weight loss is much, much more difficult than losing it in the first place.

I'm just gonna treat myself as though I have a food allergy. Or something. I'm going to turn into one of those dreaded picky eaters. But I'll try not to make a big deal out of it.

In other news … I can still climb.
What does one do when faced with a locked
gate, and one has forgotten the key?
One climbs over it.
That's your standard cattle gate there, leading down a three-quarter-mile lane to our water pump.

We've been having issues with the amount of electricity it takes to get water up a very steep hill to our house. (The whole well location is complicated and was chosen long before I got here. Let's just say it's inconvenient.)

For the previous three years, we've had two months of very high electric bills for the water pump (it has a separate meter). During January and February, the usage quadrupled. Then when spring hit, it would go back down. We were kind of resigned to it this year, except … it didn't go back down. After four months of increased kilowattage, we called in the big guns.

Which means the man who put the pump in came to take a look at the situation. Again. He's been here every year, and is as puzzled as we are.

The past two days I've climbed that gate, walked down that lane, climbed down (and back up) a hill and read the meter.

The pump installer has done nothing but dig holes in my yard, looking for a water leak. And the electric usage has gone from 50 kWh per day to – are you ready? – 3. THREE!

He's coming today to (hopefully) find and repair the leak and fill in the holes. There's a lot of water in those holes. There's a leak somewhere. But for some reason we're not using as much electricity now as we were before he started digging.

The joys of country living know no bounds. It's non-stop FUN, I tell ya!

Time for the first of three meals (strangely, I've not been snacking between meals, perhaps because I'm, um, not hungry) today. Looking forward to tomorrow's weigh-in. I'll report results before I head south. Thanks for reading and have a GREAT last day of April.

Day 29 DONE!

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gingerzingi said...

WELLS. I hate them. Hope your water problems are solved soon.