Friday, April 10, 2015

Days Eight and Nine DONE!

Oh, my, where did the time go?

Wednesday was SUPER busy. We had overnight guests and I had a meeting in the afternoon. And the meeting was about an hours' drive away.

So between cleaning, meal prepping, driving, and meeting, I didn't have a moment to catch my breath. Or to catch up on the blog yesterday morning.

But … all is well. I managed a two-mile walk Wednesday and four miles yesterday. Food has been on-plan the entire time, despite preparing a yummy baked French toast casserole for breakfast yesterday.

While I've been walking a few miles a day, one of our guests has been averaging 15? 18? I'm not quite sure. My son met up with "Lucky" on the Appalachian Trail (AT) Wednesday afternoon and brought him to our house for a hot shower, comfortable bed, laundry services and all the home-cooked food he could devour.

Lucky was my son's mentor during an internship at the Raleigh News and Observer. He's since retired, after doing some amazing journalistic work, and has been training to thru-hike the AT for quite some time.

This is his year.

He's 72.

Now here's the sad part. I had a busy day Wednesday and I've walked a few miles on a paved road every day this month. I collapsed yesterday. Literally. Took a shower, laid down at 2 p.m., and didn't get up until 6 this morning.

Lucky walks many miles over rough terrain in all kinds of weather, and has been doing it since February! He hikes from early in the morning until dinner time, stopping briefly – 15 minutes max – for a noontime snack. He was ready to hit the trail with enthusiasm yesterday morning.

Oh. Well. There's no comparison. No need for it. He was a most pleasant and entertaining guest, he and my son are great friends, and my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the company.

I wanted to offer our "hostel" on his way home, but I think he's finding motorized transportation back to North Carolina.

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