Saturday, April 11, 2015

A third of the way … Day Ten DONE!

Ten days into this Whole 30, and I'm finding it much easier than the last one I did. Perhaps because it's been a while. Perhaps because I'd gotten so off the rails. Or, maybe, just maybe, because I feel so good!

Notwithstanding Thursday's restathon, of course.

I could have turned back much
earlier, but instead I walked
right into it. And got soaked!
This week's mileage is down from last week, but I'm still walking daily. I thought yesterday I'd miss the rain that was clearly in the distance, but I was soaked by the time I finished four miles. At one time I would have talked myself out of walking at all, considering the ominous clouds in the distance. But I've gotten soaked a couple times lately – it is April, after all – and I haven't melted yet.

The last day I missed a walk was March 28, and I'm up to 46 miles already for April. I'd like to be at 400 for the year by May 1. If I can keep up the four-mile-a-day habit, I'll achieve that mini-goal for sure.

Our door order arrives today and the carpenter comes Monday to install them. Three more interior doors will complete that project and we've needed a replacement for the front slider for far too long. New flooring in our TV room is also happening next week and then the painting project begins.

I'm the painter.

The challenge for me will be to continue taking that daily walk when I want to get all the painting done. I expect, if you happen to run into me strolling down my road later this month, I'll be wearing a paint-smeared t-shirt.

But. I'll. Be. Walking.

This post makes it sound like a Whole 30 is all about activity. It's really not at all. It Starts With Food is the title of the book that launched this movement. And it really does. Start with food, that is. Eliminating grains, legumes, dairy and sugar is a good way to detox and learn how good you can feel. After 30 days, you can add things back, one at a time and slowly, to determine which (if any) food group causes discomfort. You'll be able to tell rather quickly, or at least I can.

As with my first Whole 30, I probably won't be adding any of those food groups back into my diet. I'm looking forward to being able to make muffins or banana bread (with almond and/or coconut flour), though. One of the most restrictive parts of a Whole 30 is that you can't "paleofy" foods which might be considered treats. So no paleo ice cream or baked goods.

Only 20 days to go. I've GOT THIS!


gingerzingi said...

Well, this Whole30 is just FLYING by, since I'm not the one doing it!

D said...

Of course you've got this :)