Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Paint-free. Again.

It's SO EASY to not paint after everything's been cleaned up and tucked out of sight. I didn't do any painting at all yesterday, mostly because the design project was sosososoclose to being finished that I concentrated on that. Corrections/revisions this morning, final proof, and then it's off to the printer.

The walking happened, because it always does (unless there's lightning. And how cool is it that I just wrote because it always does. Since it always didn't. Heh.). The redbuds are stunning. And popping out all over the place. My husband thinks they should be called purple buds. He's wrong. They should be called magentabuds.

And then we went shopping. Food shopping and lamp shopping. I love the lampshade, and the lamp itself, being tall and thin, works very well in this tiny room.

We also went out for dinner, to one of those big buffet places where my skinny husband could load up on all the cornbread he could eat and I could have … salad. I've finally gotten out of the mindset that when you go to a buffet restaurant you don't have to eat all you want. I don't care for buffets, in general. When I eat in a restaurant I want to be served. That matters not a whit to the husband, however, and he's been very understanding and patient with all my redecorating and remodeling. Compromise, doncha know. So cornbread it was.

And salad.

Day 21 DONE!

P.S. Our friend Lucky updated his trail journal and is doing well. He's in the Shenandoah portion of Virginia now. It would be about a three-hour drive for us if he needed anything.

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gingerzingi said...

Hrodebert can demolish a buffet. I'm with you, I go to a restaurant to be served fabulous food - the quantity isn't the attraction.

Your friend Lucky sounds very interesting and entertaining.