Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Wonder of wonders …

My original plan to finish painting and get our little TV room put back together by yesterday actually happened. It took very little time to roll paint on the walls, and I only needed to do one coat. Yesterday was lovely, for the most part, so I aired out the drapes on the clothesline while I finished up the painting, washed the sliding glass doors and replaced the furniture.

This is my corner. I haven't brought my
knitting bag back in yet. The other corner
looks remarkably similar. The television
is on a black wooden stand on one
opposite wall, and the drapery-covered
sliding glass door is on the other.
This photo isn't really a good representation of the wall color. It's dark in there. Really dark. Like chocolate-milk dark. Which is great for TV-watching. We're very pleased with it.

The next owner of this house will have to paint those walls three times to lighten them up, however. NOT MY PROBLEM. Heh.

I love having nothing decorative on the walls yet. Eventually we'll hang a certificate and a piece of embroidered Chinese silk, both from my husband's father's army service during WWII, as well as two pieces of pen-and-ink art that I did about 30 years ago. 'Twas in another lifetime.

But right now … it's clean and serene.

I'll be doing something with that green lamp. More than likely yard-saling it. I think the lamp in this room needs to be brass, so I'm on a hunt to replace it.

Today I'll cut in the edges of the hallway outside this room, go for my walk, work on the design project (it's an eight-page newsletter; five done, three to go), and then we're going to Lowe's for … stuff. Maybe I'll find my lamp there.

This remodeling has been a lot of work, but it's turned out to be a great decision. The timing is a little off … we should have been replacing doors and painting stuff in the winter, when we couldn't get outdoors. My gardens are terribly neglected. But one does what one can, and right now the interior of the house is a priority.

Having real doors, as opposed to louvered bi-folds, makes us feel all grown up, like we live in a real house instead of a beach house. And the front door – life-changing. Seriously. We are slowly but surely becoming shiny happy people in our shiny happy home.

Day 20 DONE!


denise said...

Looks great! Congrats on getting it done, and good luck lamp shopping. I've always had really good luck at Home Goods when it comes to lamps, but I guess they wouldn't have one of those in the "Middle of Nowhere"! :-)

Meanwhile - just saw a segment about Whole 30 and the people who "invented" it on the Today Show - a promotion for a new book they're coming out for, but interesting nonetheless. I've been thinking about it as you've blogged about it the last few weeks and thinking maybe my mother and I should try it to see if it relieves any of her pain symptoms…hmm…still trying to get my head around the "can't haves" so we'll see.

gingerzingi said...

I like it! My dining room was that deep chocolate brown color, and it was perfect - cozy but sophisticated.

Always nice to get a task done sooner than anticipated.