Sunday, April 12, 2015

We're in for it now

Yesterday was SO gorgeous. Mid-60s, crisp and clear, bright sun, a slight breeze and I had nothing inside the house that was pressing. No chores, no laundry, no guests … for once, the interior of my home was in decent shape. The only agenda yesterday was to wait for the door delivery.

Offering us plenty of time to pay attention to the outside.

Our perennial gardens are full of weeds, and the beds are large. No way I can do all of them all at once. Frequently while weeding I wish for a magic gardener to come along and fill all my buckets and wheelbarrows with what doesn't belong in the garden. Never happens, and yesterday was no exception. So while I filled one big bucket-on-wheels (I think it holds about 25 gallons), my husband picked up fallen tree branches.

The Yellow Transparent is NOT shedding limbs, but is full
of buds – potential apples. So is the Granny Smith. YAY!
Lest you think that's a small chore, we have three acres of mowable grass, and more than a dozen trees.

So what are we in for? GREAT weather – today and tomorrow will be slightly warmer, but the rest of the week promises mid- to upper 60 temperatures, which is perfect for outdoor work.

Because we needed to stick close to home, waiting for the doors, my miles were broken up into several small walks. I went to the water pump to take a reading (still having problems there) – that's 1.4 miles. I walked to the post office and back, for another 1.6. Then three separate walks at different times in the afternoon and early evening from my driveway to the first driveway on the right, up the road a half a mile, and I managed to get six miles for the day.

The sixth mile wouldn't have happened if I hadn't checked the FitBit and noticed I only needed another thousand steps to hit 20K. I actually ended up with 22,039 by the time I went to bed.

The morning door delivery we requested stretched into 3:30 pm, but Lowes refunded the delivery charge and some additional money for our trouble, appeasing our frustration. We've had nothing but great service since we began our remodeling project – a definite change from the Lowes of yore – and so the delivery snafu was unexpected and disappointing. But the resolution was satisfactory.

So there's that.

Food continues to be on plan. I made another pork tenderloin yesterday and we have enough left for two more meals. Which is good, because when I'm working outside for hours on end, I don't feel like starting dinner from scratch. I'm going to slice and warm some of the roast tonight and throw a pan of vegetables into the oven – peppers, onions, cauliflower, zucchini, asparagus and carrots – and call it a meal.

Day Eleven DONE!

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