Sunday, April 26, 2015

Yesterday's gone

And with it, my walking streak. I'd walked at least one mile, and more often four miles, every day since March 28.

Yesterday morning I was on the road by 7:30, arrived at a conference center for a day of workshops and meetings at 9:30, and returned home last evening at 7. The extent of my walking was from my chair to a podium a couple of times, along with a trip through the line at the lunch buffet (that word again!).

I was really worried about that lunch. I ate breakfast before I left home and knew I could find something to eat when I got back, but I had no control over lunch. It turned out to be reasonably Whole 30-compliant. I'm sure the mayonnaise in the cole slaw was commercially made, but I had a scoop of it anyway. Along with pulled pork and turkey (no sauce) and a couple chips. NO sandwich bun. NO potato salad. NO cookies.

As for the walking … while the streak is broken, I need just 18 miles over the next five days (including today) to hit 122 for April, which gets me to 400 for the first four months of 2015. Right on target for 1200 for the year.
This week's forecast looks a bit dampish. But rain isn't usually an all-day event around here. If I keep an eye on the radar – and look out the window – I should be able to find a block of dry time to hit the road.

And if not … we've already established that I won't melt.

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