Monday, April 27, 2015

Sometimes social media sucks

So this popped up in my Facebook newsfeed yesterday:
I have a Twitter account, which I use to post pretty pictures from my almost-daily walks. I've probably been snarky on Twitter before, but not often and not to the extent that "#1 Tony Miano" was when he tweeted his opinion about the tragedy in Nepal.

Miano describes himself as an "open-air preacher, author, conference speaker, retired 20-year LE veteran (LASD), and unashamed member of #The15. 

I'm just gonna put this out here: "LE" stands for Law Enforcement and "LASD" means Los Angeles Sheriff's Department.

I think The15 are 15 fundamentalists who believe it's their duty to convert the world to Christianity. (I don't have time for more research today.) Note to #The15: It won't happen.

I'm appalled at the insensitivity behind this tweet. Apparently lots of other Twitter users are, as well. Mr. Miano has since sent multiple messages defending himself, saying there is nothing more loving than wanting people to repent and receive Jesus.

We don't all think like that. 

What Nepal needs is money. Pray if you like, send positive thoughts, healing wishes, light and love. But send some money

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