Thursday, May 7, 2015

Making progress

It's been a week since the end of the Whole 30, and a week since I've checked my weight. I thought about weighing daily, but seeing that number every morning can be onerous. Once weekly is plenty. For now.

I lost a pound, so 11 total for 36 days. I expected to do better, but as long as I'm losing – even a little – I'll take it!

The meter reader came by yesterday and gave us the water pump meter reading, saving me a trip. We're doing fine there, as well – less than 1 kWh per day. It's still a mystery as to the why of the reduction in electrical usage, but perhaps it's one of those things one doesn't question.

Although every time we describe the situation to someone new, if they have a mechanical mind they're full of ideas and suggestions. My daughter-in-law's father was fascinated with the problem when I talked about it last weekend. He's probably still trying to figure it out.

They smell heavenly! And they're right outside
the kitchen window – a real treat when I'm doing
dishes. (No progress on the broken dishwasher.)
I'm making very slow progress in the gardens. I work on the weeds, but that doesn't happen every day. The lilacs finally burst open yesterday. I was beginning to think they weren't ever going to! All the lilac bushes in the county have been full of blooms for a week or so, while mine have remained tightly closed, making me wonder if I'd have to wait another year to actually see and smell them. This is the third year they've been in the ground. Must be the magic number.

I do a couple rows of knitting each evening, and I'll have a new sweater to wear probably around the 4th of July. Heh. But that's okay. And it's okay if it's too big. I love the look of a normal-sized person wearing a big old sloppy sweater. I fully intend to be normal-sized when it gets cold enough to wear sweaters again.

I've made NO progress on the indoor painting project. None. Zilch. Nada. Nil. ZERO. Between walking, daily household chores, mowing, volunteer projects, and travel, painting has been moved to the back burner. Sadly. I'm not even going to make a whisper of a promise about when I might get back to it. Who knows? I'm thinking the spirit is going to have to move me on this one.

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