Monday, May 11, 2015


Not from me … I did next to nothing yesterday. Didn't even get out of my jammies. Barely logged 2000 steps. It was one of those days.

But Lucky has updated his trail journal. He's halfway to Maine, well into Pennsylvania, and appears to be on schedule. His journal entries are easy to read and fascinating (to me, anyway). I cannot imagine hiking all those miles, day after day, for months and months.

Hell, I could barely get out of bed yesterday.

What happens if you have one of those days on the trail? You could, I guess, take a zero. But I think being out there, with all those unhiked miles ahead of you, would be enough of an incentive to get you out of your sleeping bag and on your feet.

I could use some of that kind of motivation lately.

I need to concentrate on what's in front of me, and stop looking at the big picture, especially where the gardens are concerned. I got one bed cleaned out Saturday. Half a bed got done a couple weeks ago. Seven beds altogether … I'm not making much gardening progress at all. Or painting, for that matter.

And I'll be giving a Power Point presentation next month, which is the current focus of my time and energy. I've never done a Power Point before. I'm tempted to make it in iMovie, but I know I'd run out of hard drive space before I came close to covering the material. But I'm familiar with iMovie. I'm not at all familiar with Power Point.

It can't be that difficult, can it?

We shall see.


gingerzingi said...

Well... actually, I HATE powerpoint and avoid it at all costs. For me, and you too, it's so limited that it doesn't make sense, you can't figure out how to do things, and then you realize that's because PP doesn't do them. So good luck with that :-)

I'm enjoying reading Lucky's adventures too. What a cool thing to do!

Debbi said...

Does Keynote work better/have more features?


Toledo Lefty said...

Check out Prezi -- easy to use and more fun than PowerPoint.

But PowerPoint is easy -- business managers use it all the time so it has to be!

denise said...

I only use PowerPoint periodically, and that causes me many problems because I just get to the point where I'm figuring things out and then I complete that project and when several weeks/months later, it's time for the next one I have to learn it all over again. :-(

But, no doubt if I can do it you can. But you may well run into the limitations gingerzingi mentioned.

Good luck with it. And, by the way, you weren't the only one vegged out yesterday. Our AC went out and it is 80 degrees in the house (literally). Good day to do absolutely nothing because lifting so much as a finger was just too much effort.

Got in some reading though, so that was good.

Debbi said...

The presentation I have to do will be long ... so Prezi is attractive because it's all stored online, right? I think I'm going to end up using Keynote. A side-by-side comparison with PP showed it to have more features, with the downside being that Windows users won't be able to view it on a Windows machine. But I can do handouts. I didn't intend for it to be viewable by anyone other than at this meeting.