Wednesday, May 13, 2015

12 into 40 equals

3.3333333. Ish.

That's my daily average mileage this month, which would get me to 100 miles if I kept it up for the next 19 days. But I did 124 in April. So now I'm competing with myself. Gotta go farther, gotta do more!

I need to just Get. Over. It.

One hundred miles a month is plenty for a woman who is less than a year from Medicare.

My right hip-to-knee begins hurting toward the end of every walk now. So the pain is definitely not food-related because my food is clean, clean, clean, and should have taken care of any inflammation issues by now.

At least that was my previous experience.

Sciatica? That's what my husband thinks. I changed the chair I sit in when I work at my desk. I love my sweet little antique doctor's-office chair, but he points out it wasn't meant for hour-plus-long sessions. His dad sat in it for a couple minutes at a time when the chair was in his office.

I switched to a sturdy oak chair with armrests and a cushioned seat. The seat is also longer than the hardwood circle of the other chair, providing more support to the upper leg.

I've been resting with my right leg elevated for an hour or so every day. I guess it all takes time.

And sciatica might not even be the issue. My pain doesn't travel down the back of my leg. It starts in the back, but goes down the side.

And further, I just don't want to go see a doctor for something as vague as "hip-and-leg pain that begins after I've walked three miles." My doctor is a practical man. He'd tell me to reduce my daily goal from four to three. Problem solved.

Anyway. Today is a clean-the-house and cook-lots-of-food day, because we're having company for dinner. One nice thing about being retired is you can make plans for just about any night of the week. And the recent heat we've been having has taken a hike. It's supposed to be sunny with temperatures topping out in the upper 60s.

Too cold to spend any time outdoors, looking at the weeds that still haven't been pulled. Heh.

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