Sunday, March 6, 2016

Returning to normal

And … returning to paleo.

Not walking regularly, after many years of daily activity, has resulted in yet another unacceptable weight gain. I knew it would happen, I was prepared for it. I'm not happy about it, not at all. But at least I know how to handle it.

I wasn't willing to handle it as long as I was either

  1. in pain, or
  2. recovering from surgery.

Since I'm not experiencing neither of those, it's time.

I started last Monday. I'm not doing a Whole 30, but am following the no dairy/grains/sugar/legumes protocol. I'm going to take a day off every couple of weeks.

I have not followed through with light weight training, as I said I would. My at-home physical therapy plan also has fallen by the wayside. I go back to the surgeon for my final appointment on Tuesday, and I'm not looking forward to confessing that I'm not doing my knee raises, adductions, and backward extensions. They just seem unnecessary at this point.

Range of motion is not 100 percent, but it's getting there. I still have difficulty bending over while sitting (to tie my right shoe, for instance).

I also still run out of steam by the end of an active day. It seems to work best to alternate days when I take it easy with days when I walk outside, go shopping, or do some other extended activity. I'm certain that will improve with time.

And with weather. It's pretty darned easy to declare a rest day when it's cold/snowy/rainy outdoors. Spring is on the way. We're going to see temperatures in the 70s next week.

It'll be pretty darned hard to stay indoors on my ass when the sun is shining and it's warm outside.


gingerzingi said...

I wish we could combine our personalities - I don't walk enough and you don't lift weights enough.

Running out of steam - recovery takes a lot longer than one expects. I learned that from my relatively minor hernia surgery. Being operated on is rough on the body! We just take it for granted as a modern miracle, but when you think about it, that's a lot of trauma for the body to experience, and healing is more than just the visible scar on the outside.

I'm cutting way back on dairy. I was eating some form of dairy every day as part of a HFLC diet, and I gained weight. Thanks, diet!

Toledo Lefty said...

Take care of yourself and don't overdo it -- you have to keep thinking long-term.

Getting back to a food plan that works for you will help, I'm sure. Looking forward to warmer temperatures and more sun too. I went for a longish walk this evening and the twighlight seemed to last forever. It really boosts my mood.